As more consumers prefer online and mobile financial services for shopping, bill payments and loans; fraud and identity theft has doubled. There was an overall increase in card fraud losses of 14% in 2008, but a more shocking 132% increase in online banking fraud (*Apacs.) Varying regulations require non-uniform means of authentication and security standards for compliance to effectively protect consumers that add to banking and infrastructure implemen-tation costs. Cumbersome user experience is thereby dulling demand for value-add services.

Prevent Identity Theft, Control Fraud, Protect Financial Data For Improved User Experience.

Our patent pending "Multi Factor Security" software computing framework is built to execute unique, comprehensive security functions that are software, user and device platform specific for end—to—end data encryption. The simple software solution provides significant cost savings, better user ID, device software and data protection compared with existing silo, multi click, two-factor authentication and "Chip and PIN" solutions. Co-exists with standard finan-cial transaction protocols with zero changes to current financial transaction processing infrastructure in place. When implemented, provides a seamless and transparent user experience which encourages users to embrace new value added service offerings.


Bit-Level Software Encryption Reduces Payment Acceptance Infrastructure and Card Issuer Costs

Conforms to Standards and Data Transmission Protocols across Multiple Devices and Platforms

Unique ID with "Multi Factor Security" Algorithm Safeguards Card, Merchant and Bank Data

Eliminates Banking Software and Intellectual Property Theft