Patient personal information and medical data breaches cost patients, providers and payors alike. A recent case involving the loss of a medical worker laptop impacted hundreds of patients by compromising personal and medical information contained in records on the laptop. Another case involved access by unauthorized clinicians to patient records at a large hospital. In another significant case, hundreds of patients personal information was transferred over the network and stolen using peripheral devices by hospital workers systematically over a period of time. Additionally, as Internet usage in the health-care world continues to evolve, cloud computing along with the rapid surge in use of smart devices there is need of a comprehensive security solution to protect health information. More importantly, ensuring HIPAA and health standards compliancy is mandatory with proposed changes in the HITECH act.

Secure eHealth Software, Prevent Vulnerabilities That Expose Applications, User information and Health Data to Malicious Uses.

The simple software solution easily works on multiple devices and platforms to encrypt user ID, applications and data using a unique encryption algorithm that is specific to the user and device. Uniquely securing IDs, device and data enables seamless authentication and secure user access to health portals, avail of value-add services with secure payment and protect health record information. With medical tourism on the rise health record portability can be ensured so that primary physicians can securely access patient data remotely, in office or on hospital premises for improved patient outcomes.


Secure User, Device Centric Data Rights that Enables Tamper Resistant Device and Data

Harden ehealth Software and Services with Unique Identification and Authentication Management

Prevents Unauthorized Access to Data, Seamless Transport Authenticated User Data Only on Authorized Devices

Unique Encryption For Each User, Device and Services Combination Ensures Compromising One Device Does Not Break Network or System