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Our patent pending “Multi-Factor Security” software computing framework is built to execute security related functions in a processor using known architectural constructs with minimal performance impact.

Our custom security algorithms are software, user and device platform specific that prevent class break scenarios. The resulting solution is a lightweight “driver” with defined API(s) for securely executing code and retrieving secure data on existing standard hardware and software platforms. The Antargata software wraps a virtual layer of hardened security on multiple platforms with ease of use and lower cost.

We leverage known architectural constructs to “sequester” a PC, Smartphone’s processor and execute proprietary security-related functions on specific platforms. Key features include; Secure code execution and run-time application integrity verification. Prevention of class break scenarios by generating proprietary platform specific algorithms. Judiciously utilizes the micro-architectural behavior of x86, ARM and other processor based platforms. Enforcing “secure software rights” for both locally hosted applications, data and web hosted applications, data. Creating unique platform ID and executing proprietary reconfigurable algorithms for authentication and fraud detection.

Enables the creation of a unique infrastructure for secure code execution and data storage that is more secure, cost effective and easy to install.

Secure code execution on ARM, x86 CPUs

Uses micro-architectural constructs, TrustZone, and Intel VT/TXT hooks

Dynamic reconfigurable algorithms

Limits class-break scenario to a single user, device or application

Event tracking, multi factor authentication and identification

Uses secure hash of customizable IDs